Drinks @ the Hotel Maybe

Reception Lounge
Located just off the Concierge's domain, through an open walkway framed by verdant plantings, the Reception Lounge is a sprawling, multi-leveled area replete with comfortable booths and reclining chairs all separated by semi-walls of indoor plant "hedges". Given its proximity to the lobby (and being therefor a place that nearly every visitor can find) the Lounge is a popular place for all manner of rendezvous.
There are always at least a few people here waiting, and on occasion it can become quite crowded.

Long Bar
The door is wood with an art deco swirl of metal reaching up and encircling a glass window. Through the window you can see a line of heads and hunched figures, shelves of liquor, a mostly-obscured mirror that looks to run the length of the space. Smoke wafts out the door opens, acrid and musky and invigorating.
The bar is long like the name, long like a hallway, long like a bow shot. Nearly every stool is already taken. There is barely enough room between the stools and the wall for one person to walk--passing people going the opposite direction is a delicate affair. Some patrons seem to always be here, others are glimpsed only occasionally, while still others only show up once. The staff (many of whom are robots) is prodigiously knowledgeable about liquors and cocktails of the multitudinous spheres and the shelves upon shelves of spirits and brews behind them are a testament to that effect. There are also many strange objects set upon and tucked into the shelves in between the bottles.

Patio Bar
Three pairs of double doors (entirely glass, even the handles) lead out onto a brick patio, beyond which can be seen the lawn, and then the forest. Circular tables of various sizes (fitting 3-9 chairs, depending) are placed about. There are two large, vine-covered pergolas for patrons who love shade, and umbrellas can be provided for any of the other tables if the pergolas are full. People linger here for hours, soaking up the outdoor climate. This is one of the primary places Hotel guests go in order to see each other, and be seen looking fashionably idle.
The only notable aspect of the service here is its promptness.

Courtyard Bar
The walls of the Hotel surround this area. From the center of the courtyard an ancient apricot tree rises, spreading its boughs above the entire space. A sense of intimacy and muted conversation pervades. Large ceramic planters and low hedges separate the tables. Moss grows between the paving stones. A fountain can be heard bubbling, always out of sight. Soft swells of bird song occur at intervals.
Beer availability is spotty in the other bars, but here the supply of all the best ones is always available here.

Lapidary Bar
The door is glass set in wrought iron swirls, the view beyond blurred by condensation and algae. Moist, fecund air pushes out as the door opens. Vaulting glass walls and ceilings obscured by layers and layers of greenery and blooms patrons inside. River-stone mosaic paths wind through the humid air, opening into private nooks for small groups, and larger areas with ponds surrounded by many tables. Faint footpaths lead off the paths into the dark recesses of fronds and flowers. The light is diffused by the many plants during the day, and flickering oil lamps keep a glimmering ambiance through the night hours.
Butterflies flit and sip and dive everywhere. Everywhere.
While you can get most drinks here, the bar specialty is exotic and ephemeral brews, frequently with perception altering properties. Also has the best selection of teas.

Invitation-Only Bar
You need an invite to get in.
Suite and Palatial guests are automatically provided means of access, and everyone else must be well-known enough in the Hotel to receive an invite. Conflicting rumors swirl about the contents and activities of the bar.